This is a Two days paddling tour in the archipelago of Espiritu Santo, with a night sleep in this beautiful place where the sky is filled with stars and stories about an island with crystal clear waters and soft sands where it is possible to swim with sea lions is a reality when we speak of the unique and unrepeatable Espiritu Santo Island. Live the experience of rowing in paddle board in sheltered bays, explore coves, beaches and mangrove estuaries in Espiritu Santo Island. Snorkeling is an option.

We headed up to explore Heroica Mulegè, Its surroundings fill us with mysticism from a mission to the world wide recognized cave paintings of the old californios, added to this the beautiful oasis, the beautiful bay Concepción, Punta Chivato and its spectacular landscapes and natural scenery.

Located 27 kilometers west of Heroica Mulegè it is Rancho La Trinidad, where there are also examples of cave paintings, which are estimated to have an antiquity of 9,500 thousand years, it is a great adventure to go deep into these paintings as you have to make a walk of 1 km by the majestic canyon La Trinidad. Where most of the time, depending on the periods of rain we can see water running through them, forming small waterfalls, upon arriving at the site where the end of the track is, there are two caves with waters pits which we have to swim in order to reach to the other side, or use a kayak to pass that obstacle which for the adventurous it is an easy test to swim in these beautiful waters and see the majestic paintings that have served as covers to countless articles and books.

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