transfers & deposits

Electronic transfer

Deposit account through the bank Banamex

Account data:

  • Account: 9676543
  • Name: Jose Salvador León Ángel
  • Clabe: 002040901596765437

Direct deposit

OXXO stores No. 5256 7814 9397 3098

Pay Pal

To book by this means, you need to send us the application form with details of your reservation; once we confirm the availability of the same, - we will send you a confirmation email that includes a link paypal for you to make the deposit of total services. Payment hereby generates little interest in the final payment of hanging mode to choose. A month interest or payment in a single installment


We accept all credit cards / debit cards.

Whether visa or mastercard paying via pay pal and office other reservation. (Higher payments to 500 pesos or equivalent in other currencies).