Discover La Paz Bay, and enjoy the amazing view of La Paz standing in your board. Explore the mangroves teaming birdlife and the sand barrier El Mogote. Do not lose the chance to see a resident family of dolphins, give a glimpse to the bay, birds including seagulls and do not miss your photo session in this sand barrier called El Mogote.

The stories about an island with crystal clear waters and soft sands where it is possible to swim with sea lions are a reality when we speak of the unique and unparalleled island of Espiritu Santo. Live the experience of paddling in sheltered bays; explore coves, beaches and mangrove estuaries in the island of Espiritu Santo. Snorkeling is an option.

Balandra is a protected cove located 16 miles from La Paz downtown in Baja California Sur, Mexico. This protected area has 22.5 hectares of mangrove, a salty lagoon of approximately 30 hectares, dunes, extensive sandy beaches, small mountains and capricious rock formations. The mangrove forest of Balandra is one of the few mangroves in arid regions of the world that have not been contaminated.

Paddling in its waters, resting on its beaches, walking by its sand dunes and mountains is a part of our tour, where we can see birds and different kind of fishes. Just bring your sunscreen, sunglasses and bathing suit, we handle the photos. Let’s go to the adventure!

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