It is one of the diving sites and snorkeling closest to the city of La Paz, San Rafaelito is a small island that has a coral reef, and it also has a small sea lions colony that works as a point for exiled specimens and has already become one of reproduction sites of these animals, in addition to be a headligth for the navigation, it is part of the protected natural area of Balandra. You will be able to observe sea lions, seagulls of yellow legs, sardines, snappers, and many more fishes living in the coral reef.

The stories about an island with crystal clear waters and soft sands where it is possible to swim with sea lions are a reality when we go to visit, discover and to live the experience of the Espiritu Santo Island, Snorkeling with the friendly sea lions and discover the unspoiled beaches with crystalline waters where you will be able to make another snorkel or just walk by its fine sands.

The largest of all sharks and the largest fish that exists, the whale shark. Its large size, their distinctive patterns and its enormous frontal mouth makes him immediately recognizable and can be seen commonly wandering near the surface in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Its feeding is based primarily on plankton, although regularly also feeds on banks of small fish and squid. Snorkel and swim next to the largest fish in the world and live one of the most shocking experiences of your life. You won't regret it!

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